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iPhone X Review: What happens if you drop your iPhone X?

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One significant downside to consider relative to other iPhones is repair cost. Like the iPhone 8, the iPhone X’s screen and back panel are both made of glass. In drop tests conducted by warranty company SquareTrade and CNET, both sides of the test phones broke despite Apple’s claims of “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.” We followed up ourselves, working with Good Morning America to conduct some real-world drop testing, and found that it performed better than expected—more glass does mean there’s more to scratch and crack in an average fall, but it took a long drop to seriously damage the device. But whatever injury your phone incurs, the X costs a lot more to fix than the 8.

A chart showing the cost of repairs to different iPhone models. The cost for screen repair of the iPhone X is $279, while the cost of other damage is $549. For the iPhone 8 Plus, screen repair only is $169 and other damage is $399. For the iPhone 8, screen repair only is $149, while other damage is $349.
The prices to fix a broken screen and other damage for Apple’s current phones. Source: Apple Support

We strongly recommend a case for the iPhone X, especially when you consider the astronomical repair costs: Out of warranty, a broken screen will cost $280 to fix, and a broken back panel (or any other damage) is a staggering $550. (AppleCare+, which covers these types of damage, costs a relatively high $200 for the iPhone X, but reduces the price of these repairs to $30 for a broken screen or $100 for any other damage.)

vovitoiPhone X Review: What happens if you drop your iPhone X?

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