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iPhone X Review: Do the other new features make a difference?

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If you rely on a phone to take photos, the iPhone X is the best camera Apple’s ever made. Thanks to a dual-lens array similar to the one on the 8 Plus, but with a larger-aperture telephoto lens and optical stabilization on the zoom lens, the X will let you take better pictures in low-light situations or when using the zoom lens. The X is the only non-Plus-size iPhone that gets the Plus models’ double lens system, and it’s a clear upgrade over the 8 in this area, especially in poor light. And the X is the only iPhone with a front (“selfie”) camera that supports Portrait and Portrait Lightning features. For those who use their phone as their primary camera (and that’s many of us these days), the idea that you’re paying more for a better photographic experience may make the X’s higher price more palatable.

The TrueDepth camera array used by Face ID can also be used by third-party app developers, as well as by iOS 11’s Animoji feature: In Messages, you can record and share 10-second video clips of emoji characters that imitate your facial expressions. It’s fun, though not essential.

vovitoiPhone X Review: Do the other new features make a difference?

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